OFSAA teams face off in Mackenzie boys volleyball challenge


A major event at Mackenzie Community School in the final week before the holiday break saw this year’s EOSSAA winning senior boys volleyball team face off against the team from 2017 (the last time Mackenzie’s senior boys qualified for OFSAA) in an “OFSAA vs OFSAA” challenge match.

Taking the court in front of a very large crowd of elementary and secondary students, school alumni, and family and friends, the game was a rousing success.

A very competitive first set with some jaw dropping rallies showed the 2017 team hadn’t lost their touch since they last played together as they came away with a 25-23 win.

Their experience was on show in the second set, where again they came out victorious 25-18, however by the third set, their lack of recent competition was beginning to show, and the younger 2022 team showed their game fitness taking the set 25-19.

The addition of coach Peter Kim (who took both teams on their OFSAA journeys) as a surprise Libero for the 2017 team was unable to overcome the momentum and the 2022 team took the fourth set 25-21, tying the game at two sets a piece.

With it all coming down to the final set, the 2017 team turned up the heat, and was able to squeak out a 15-13 victory and take the game.

One of the closest games for the boys all season, the overall points for all sets added together saw the 2017 team outscore the 2022 team by only ONE point: 105-104.

Award winners for the match included: Dylan Buyers (Best Hitting), Asa Dillenbeck (Best Blocking), Max Guerout (Best Setting), Tom Li (2017 MVP), Derek Wang (Game MVP and 2022 MVP).

If you missed it and want to watch, the livestream of the game is available on the MCS YouTube channel.

Back row, left to right: Coach Peter Kim, Ibby Chowdhury, Max Guerout, Ezra Klukas, Leo Steer, Braydon Wilson, Asa Dillenbeck, Simon Ward, Jason Buyers, Dylan Buyers. Middle row: Peter Facina, Derek Wang, Liam Poirier, Harrison Gerl, Tom Li, Nick Osborne, Daniel Fritzsche, William Milks. Front row: Yamin Ben Letaifa, Referee Bob Graham, Baraa Ben Letaifa.
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