Commission offers funding for MMR review


The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will provide up to $250,000 to Indigenous communities, members of the public and other “stakeholders” to review the draft “Environmental Impact Statement” (EIS) for Canada’s first small modular reactor (SMR).

Global First Power (GFP) is proposing to build the SMR – actually a Micro Modular Reactor (MMR) – at the Chalk River Laboratories.

According to the CNSC, GFP’s proposed project includes “a nuclear plant containing a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor that would provide approximately 15 megawatts (thermal) of process heat to an adjacent plant via molten salt.”

“The proposed project would generate electrical power and/or heat over an operating lifespan of 20 years.”

Before it can apply for a licence to build the plant, GFP must first complete an environmental assessment for the project.

The company’s draft EIS is expected later this year and the CNSC says the comment period on the document is expected to begin “in late 2022- early 2023”…

(Photo: Proposed site of the MMR at the Chalk River Laboratories.)

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