Letter: Nauseating

To Larry Dumoulin and the members of Deep River council: You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Whatever happened to civility? What has become of love, forgiveness, understanding and co-operation?

It seems to be missing in the hearts of all concerned.

You are all acting like modern day Pharisees instead of working together for the good of the community.

When did the letter of the law become more important than the spirit of the law?

We have all made mistakes in our lives – no exceptions. But unless we are willing to forgive others for their mistakes, we will have a continuing battle filling the pages of the NRT week after week and our mistakes will not be forgiven.

It’s reached the point where it is nauseating.

I appeal to all concerned to take an honest look at the log in our own eye before we try to eradicate the dust mote in someone else’s eye.

Give love a try for a change. Forgive and make an honest attempt at co-operation, please, for the good of the community.

Karen Barber