Editorial: Create new routines


School has begun again, clubs and organizations such as the DRSO, THEOP and many others have started up again for the fall and winter. Routines are a major part of what we do within our lives. And while they are potentially good for us as individuals, what do they mean for our community.Many component parts of our routines may be just ruts that could be changed to enliven and renew not only us but also our community of North Renfrew.

By now you have obviously missed the chance to run in the local municipal election, but you haven’t missed the start of routine rut season. Why just slog it out doing your same old routine. Get out of your rut(s) and become engaged in your community. Now is the time to consider joining a club or organization or theatre group that could change your life, your community and the lives of others for ever.

Now is your chance to plan to attend the next meeting of the Rotary Club of North Renfrew to hear how their youth student exchange, environmental projects and other community initiatives can re-invigorate you and your friends. Check out the Chalk River & Area Lions Club and consider becoming a member with your spouse or another family member to assist those who need a hand not only here in North Renfrew but around the world. As we approach Remembrance Day 2018, consider joining the local Legion and helping out with the Poppy Drive or a youth committee.

The municipal elections are going to happen in North Renfrew in October and only the winners will take their seats in the council chambers. Many people have put their name on the local municipal ballots and for those who will not be successful in the elections, all will not be lost and a challenge is offered for them to carry on with the desire to serve the public by seeking a position on a committee in a local organization or service club such as Rotary, the Lions, or a local Legion.

There is so much to be done towards building up our community. It is important to become involved in local politics and to exercise your right to vote. But don’t stop with that singular action, get out of the rut season blues, and in a meaningful way see how some of your time and effort can be put to positive and long lasting benefit for our community and others around the world. The would-be politicians are asking you to put them into a local council chamber – we challenge you to put yourself into a new group, club or organization that can provide you with lasting rewards through the building up of North Renfrew.

Join – volunteer – get rewarded!