Townships "opt in" to cannabis sales

by Terry Myers

The chances of a “pot shop” opening its doors in Mackey any time soon may be slim, but the townships of Head, Clara and Maria became the first local municipality to officially “opt in” to the province’s new cannabis sales last week.

Meeting at the Stonecliffe community hall last Thursday night, townships councillors were faced with a recommendation to opt out of the province’s plans for retail sales of recreational cannabis.

Following discussion around the table, however, council changed course and voted 4-1 in favour of allowing cannabis stores in the townships sometime in the future.

Councillor Chris Dowser said he recognized that the issue of cannabis sales was a “touchy subject” for some people and that “I do not see a large market in our municipality” any time in the near future.

“However, it is legal and whether we like it or not, it is here to stay,” he said.

For Dowser, the deciding factor was the potential for new revenues for the municipality.

Under the province’s regulations, all municipalities will receive initial funding of at least $10,000 in two installments.

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