Townships call for changes to voters list

by Terry Myers

Ontario residents will no longer be “male” (M) or “female” (F) when it comes to municipal voters lists. Instead, we’ll all just be “I” – individuals.

The change was announced recently in a letter to all municipalities in the province from Carla Nell, vice-president of municipal and stakeholder relations for the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

MPAC produces the four-year property evaluations that help determine a home’s municipal taxes.

The agency also prepares the municipal voters list used at times like last fall’s municipal elections.

Male, female or otherwise, one thing all members of Head, Clara, Maria council can agree on is that the municipal voter list stinks.

Townships council recently supported a motion from the town of Kearney and the municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula calling on the province to create a “multi-stakeholder working group” to explore and identify better ways to “create and maintain” the voters list for municipal elections.

“A transformational change to the way that the voters list is created and managed is required.”

Councillor Ernie Villeneuve couldn’t agree more.

“It’s terrible,” he said of the voters list for Head, Clara, Maria.

“It certainly doesn’t reflect the people we have here in the townships. It’s not a very good tool for election purposes.”

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