Township voters send a message

by Terry Myers

The message was clear – voters in the townships of Head, Clara, Maria wanted change.

It was almost a clean sweep Monday night as only one of five current council members was returned to office for the next four-year council term.

Former councillor Debbi Grills will be the townships’ new mayor as she defeated incumbent Bob Reid by a wide margin, 227 votes to 76.

Among current council members, only Councillor Ernie Villeneuve was re-elected, topping the polls for the four councillor positions with a total of 201 votes.

Villeneuve will be joined by new councillors-elect Chris Dowser (188 votes), Fran Kelly-Chamberlain (177), and Brent Allen (116).

Incumbents Cathy McKay (83) and Calvin Chartrand (79) both trailed well behind the front-runners.

More than 300 ballots were cast in this year’s election, the first full election in Head, Clara, Maria for more than 20 years.

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