RRIA checking damage at river beaches


by Vance Gutzman

The flood waters along the Ottawa River shoreline may have receded, but the group of volunteers tasked with maintaining the beaches still has a huge mess to clean up.

The River Recreation Improvement Association (RRIA) maintains nine beaches on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River.

According to RRIA president Jeff Wilson, they got off to a late start this year in checking on those beaches, partly because of the boating ban that had been imposed on the river due to the flooding in May.

RRIA members were able to get out on the water undertake a survey of the beaches the first weekend of June, and were able to check on four of them to see what damage the floodwaters had left behind in their wake.

Indian Point sustained the worst damage, according to Wilson, with nearly all of the picnic tables at that location having gone missing during the floods, as well as most of the garbage cans.

There had been 10 picnic tables at Indian Point, but there are now just three and one of them is broken.

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