Residents appeal for safety on Ottawa St.


by Doug Tennant

Public safety, especially for younger children, was the topic of the evening at the last Laurentian Hills council meeting.

Andrew LaPlante was in the chambers to make a delegation to council regarding the “serious threat to safety of children and their parents who live on the west end of Ottawa Street” in Chalk River.

“I am here tonight to speak to you about a proposal for safety and this is supported by 60-70 per cent of the residents who live on the last 250 metres of Ottawa Street,” LaPlante stated.

He was presenting the concerns of residents who are frustrated with the apparent high volume of traffic along the residential street and some drivers who are seeming to exceed the speed limit and putting the 18 children under the age of 10 who live in that area at risk of being injured.

“We are concerned for the safety of our children and we have one specific person of concern who lives in the area. We have involved the OPP and they have sent a letter to the driver.”

As a practical solution to the concerns about the volume and speeding on the street, LaPlante suggested that council seriously consider “barricading the entrance onto Ottawa Street from Highway 17 at the farthest western end of the road.”

Preventing drivers from exiting the highway on to Ottawa Street would eliminate the local residents’ concerns about the high volume of traffic on the road.

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