Police respond to call of gunshots


Deep River Police have provided some further details regarding the incident that took place Saturday afternoon at the Huron apartments in town.

In a statement to the North Renfrew Times, police say that on¬†February 23 shortly after 4 pm, “the Deep River Police and OPP contained a building where a disturb the peace radio call initiated.”

“It was unclear as to what was heard, however it was suggested shots were fired from a firearm in the hallway of the apartment building.

“Officers blocked off the surrounding streets to ensure public safety and did not allow any residents to come and go from the apartment complex until officers deemed it safe to do so.”

Police say that shortly after 8 pm, “officers determined there were in fact no gunshots fired and all residents were allowed access to their homes.”

Police cleared the scene at approximately 8:50 pm Saturday night. It is not clear at this point whether police are continuing their investigation or whether any charges will be laid as a result of the incident.

The NRT will provide further updates as they become available.