NRFS marks 50 years of service to community

by Vance Gutzman

North Renfrew Family Services (NRFS) is still going strong after all these years.

That was the message handed down Monday evening at the social service agency’s annual general meeting (AGM), marking its 50th year of operation.

“The volume of traffic in the office never ceases to amaze me,” NRFS board chair Julie Laderoute told those in attendance.

“This tiny yet mighty agency has become a recognized and trusted resource for those in need.”

Laderoute thanked NRFS’s many donors for enabling it to have a successful financial year.

NRFS had anticipated the need to delve into its contingency fund to access more than $20,000 when it was budgeting for the year.

“But with support from donors, individuals, clubs, businesses and churches who fundraise on our behalf, this year our budget came in close to balanced, with a much smaller deficit of $3,481,” Laderoute said.

“That’s a big jump from what we were expecting.”

NRFS received $58,131 in 2017 from donations and fundraising, while Deep River, Laurentian Hills and Head, Clara and Maria combined to provide $15,000 worth of grants.

NRFS also received $21,268 from Renfrew County United Way and just over $39,000 from the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS).

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