Newspaper delivery delayed

NRTnov13 (Page 01)

Delivery of this week’s North Renfrew Times (Wednesday, November 13) has been delayed until later in the day.

The delivery van carrying this week’s NRT from the printing plant in Gravenhurst has experienced mechanical problems in Algonquin Park and was unable to complete its route.

The van is being towed back to the plant and the newspapers will be shipped out on a new truck early this afternoon.

For local readers, that means the newspaper will not be available on the newsstand until late this afternoon or early this evening.

For subscribers who receive their copy by Canada Post, the newspaper will be delivered to local mailboxes Thursday morning.

For digital subscribers, the newspaper will go out as usual Wednesday morning. Mail subscribers who wish to receive a copy of the digital edition Wednesday may do so by sending us an email or calling our office at 613-584-4161.

While out of our control, the NRT regrets the delay in delivery of today’s paper and will take all steps to get the newspaper out to readers as soon as practically possible.