MP vows to oppose "bad legislation" on gun control

Gun control is back in the spotlight following the latest tragic shooting in Toronto.

But local MP Cheryl Gallant says the Liberal government’s attempts to bring in new gun control legislation will do nothing to stop gun violence in Canada’s largest city.

Speaking in the House of Commons just before the summer break, Gallant said the “last time there was this much gun violence in Toronto, with 359 shootings and 52 deaths, was the year when the member for marijuana from Scarborough Southwest (MP Bill Blair), who is the spokesperson for making pot legal, assumed control of the Toronto police force.”

“Every illegal gun does not begin as a legal gun,” Gallant said.

“Turning hunters and farmers into scapegoats to deflect attention from how badly the Prime Minister is performing sickens members of the public.”

Gallant was speaking on Bill C-71, new firearms legislation the government introduced in March.

“To keep communities safe, the government of Canada is strengthening Canada’s gun laws in a common-sense, focused and effective way,” the government said in announcing the new bill.

“Legislation introduced today prioritizes public safety and effective police work, while respecting law-abiding firearms owners. This government will not bring back the federal long-gun registry.”

But Gallant said constituents in her riding are “following the progress of this legislation very closely.”

“My constituents assure me they will never, in their lifetime, support a government that thinks harassing law-abiding gun-owning Canadians with useless regulations is fair,” she said.

Gallant said Bill C-71 is not about public safety but is “all about the cynical manipulation of people’s fears and what the government is doing to stoke those fears.”

“In my riding, demonstrations against the Liberal long-gun registry the last time similar legislation was brought forward were not occupied by young people being manipulated by radicals funded by foreign interests,” she said.

“Those demonstrations were held by middle-aged firearm owners, whose first reflex is to respect the laws of the land, whose parents and their parents before them built this great nation.”

“When it comes to the right to use and enjoy private property, my constituents all know my stand,” Gallant added.

“I defend their right to own private property with the same vigour with which I defend the right of all Canadians to dissent.

“Whenever constituents in my riding hear a Liberal use mealy-mouthed words like ‘enhancement of community safety,’ they put their hand on their wallet, run home, and make sure the lock on their gun cabinet is safe.”

“When I was first elected, I was elected on the promise to protect the rights of average Canadians.

“That includes opposing bad legislation like Bill C-71, an act to harass law-abiding Canadians.”