Mayor proposes new road names


Deep River Mayor Sue D’Eon is proposing to rename two of the town’s major streets in honour of two important figures in the history of nuclear science who have been overlooked because they were women.

In a notice of motion on Wednesday night’s council agenda, D’Eon suggested the town rename Ridge Road and Avon Road after Marie Curie (photo, left) and Lise Meitner (right).

(As a notice of motion, D’Eon’s recommendation will not be discussed at council until March 22 at the earliest.)

In her motion, D’Eon notes that March 8 was International Women’s Day and the theme for 2023 was “embrace equity.”

“Embracing equity is something we need to think about, see, know, value and embrace,” she says.

The town of Deep River is proud to be Canada’s first nuclear host community, D’Eon continues, and “takes pride in being founded upon the development of nuclear physics”…

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