Mayor on trail of waste letter


Deep River Mayor Sue D’Eon wants to know who’s behind an anonymous letter dropped in local mailboxes last month.

The letter raised concerns about the town’s new “curbside waste contract” that began October 1.

The letter said the contract “did not go out for tender per normal purchasing.”

“They (council) have passed a bylaw to circumvent the normal purchasing procedure to award a sole-source contract.

“Apparently, this will double the cost of full collections.

“This is unacceptable,” the letter stated.

The unsigned letter suggested that “we need to make sure the local councillors know how we feel.”

“Do not allow this council to spend our money like this. We must stop this now!”

The letter provided Mayor D’Eon’s town hall phone number and urged residents to call and “let her know how you feel.”

D’Eon told council last week she has filed an access to information application with Canada Post to find out who distributed the “ransom-note style” letter.

“I do want to assure all residents that council takes their duties and responsibilities very seriously,” she said.

“Council and staff rigorously follow the terms of both our procedure bylaw and our procurement bylaw”…

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