Local councils low on county pay scale

Some might say you get what you pay for, but it seems municipal councils in North Renfrew continue to be a good deal for taxpayers when it comes to their pay.

Deep River, Laurentian Hills and Head, Clara, Maria have placed seventh, 12th and 16th respectively on the annual list of council costs prepared by the County of Renfrew.

The list is compiled for all 17 municipalities in the county based on the financial returns all towns and townships must file with the province.

According to the 2017 returns, Deep River had total council salary and expenses of $108,812 last year, by far the lowest of any municipality in the county with seven council members.

The next lowest was Killaloe, Hagarty & Richards townships, with total council costs of $139,449.

Petawawa, also with seven council members, topped the county list with council pay and expenses of $223,227.

Seven municipalities in the county have seven members, while 10 municipalities have five.

Madawaska Valley, with almost identical population numbers to Deep River and just five council members, had council salary and expenses of $102,885.

Laurentian Hills, also with five members of council, was 12th on the overall list, with council pay and expenses of $79,879.

Head, Clara, Maria did not file a response to the county, but the townships’ budget documents show council honoraria for its five members of $16,637 in 2017, and total council expenses of $23,377 including training and mileage.

Only Brudenell, Lyndoch & Raglan townships were lower, with a reported total council salary and expenses of $13,145.

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