Letter to the editor: Beauty and the beast


How lucky are we local residents to have beauty spots such as Tack Point to walk to or boat to – and often to see gracing the picture-pages of the NRT?

Well, the “beast” occasionally erupts here too, as the accompanying photo shows too clearly.

Not any mother I have ever known would think it okay to mess-up a beautiful place like this.

Please, mothers (it just happens to be Mothers’ Day as I write, but fathers too), if the “beast” that did this is yours, send it back with soap and scrubs and don’t feed it until the rock is clean again!

Seriously, it is so easy (and stupid) for the few to despoil natural places with spray-can or litter, slashing or burning, yet so hard for the overwhelming majority of caring people to undo the damage.

No, vandalism isn’t as much a problem locally as in many places – and a big “thank you” to all the conscientious Four Seasons trail users who have respected Nature and appreciated its restorative influence in our recent lives.

However, if the blot at Tack Point is not erased, we all know how quickly we go from bad to worse – witness the sprayed-up desecration of Oiseau Rock, the disgrace of the Upper Ottawa Valley!

Any innovative ideas how best to erase spray-paint? Please let me know.

Ray Metcalfe

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