Letter: Deer carcasses dumped


The dumping of deer carcasses has been going on for many years out here on Leader Road. Most years they end up on the unmaintained section of Leader Road connecting the north and south ends of Wylie Road.

Carcass dumping has become an annual inevitability; however, this year, it has somehow managed to get worse.

There are now two carcasses dumped into the watercourse flowing along the ditch of Leader Road South (maintained portion).

The local ravens, turkey vultures and eagles have been making short work of the parts that are above water but the bulk of one of the carcasses is below water and will remain there to rot and foul the water.

We ask that you respect our “backyard” and the environmentally sensitive areas of our shared community.

Dumping waste is a provincial offence with fines of up to $10,000. Cameras will be up along the length of Leader Road next year with the intention of enforcing common decency and respect, not to mention the law.

Joe Renaud, 228 Leader Road

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