Judge adjourns Maple trial

by Terry Myers

A civil court trial dealing with the failure of the Maple reactor project at the Chalk River Laboratories has been adjourned, perhaps indefinitely.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited and the Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company (formerly Allianz Insurance Company of Canada) were scheduled to go to court back in February, more than 16 years after AECL filed an initial claim.

However, court documents show the scheduled seven-week trial was adjourned after new evidence was revealed in January.

It appears no date has been set – at least not yet – for the trial to proceed.

It all has to do with the construction of the two Maple reactors at Chalk River and a new isotope processing facility.

The project was announced in 1996 but cancelled in 2008 after technical problems and cost overruns in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Together, the Maple reactors and new processing facility were designed to take over the production of medical isotopes formerly produced through NRU.

In 1998, Allianz sold AECL an insurance policy covering “all risks of physical loss or damage” involving the construction and commissioning of the Maple project.

On October 1, 2001, AECL filed a claim for payment “for all losses, damages and extra expense sustained as a result of physical loss and damage (to the Maple project) in the course of construction, installation, reconstruction and repair.”

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