Hospital foundation launches $1.75M campaign

by Vance Gutzman

The Deep River and District Hospital Foundation has launched a major fundraising campaign and is asking area municipalities to climb on board with the idea.

That was the message brought to Deep River council last week by Karen Crain, a volunteer with the foundation, and its executive director, Ashley Pardy.

The hospital foundation, council was told, is trying to raise $1.75 million for the purchase of new digital imaging equipment.

That would include a new x-ray machine, a portable x-ray unit and an ultrasound scanner capable of meeting new provincial standards for accessibility, analysis and reporting of medical images.

The hospital’s current ultrasound equipment is five years old, its x-ray machine is 12, and the portable x-ray unit is twice that age.

“Would you use a 24-year-old computer to send an email?” Pardy asked by way of example.

The foundation representatives have already approached the other North Renfrew municipalities of Rapides des Joachims, Laurentian Hills and Head, Clara and Maria with requests for support of the fundraising campaign.

“We’ve had a great relationship in the past and we want to see how we can be involved even more with Deep River,” Ashley told town council.

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