Fourth company in talks for small reactor at Chalk River


A fourth company has now completed “stage 1” of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ program to build a small modular reactor (SMR) at Chalk River.

CNL announced Monday that U-Battery Canada Ltd. has completed the “pre-qualification” stage of CNL’s SMR process.

U-Battery has been invited to stage 2, the “due diligence” phase of the process.

“In these stages, CNL will evaluate with increased rigour, the technical and business merits of the proposed designs, assess the financial viability of the projects, and review the necessary national security and integrity requirements,” the company said.

U-Battery’s proposed SMR design is a 4 MWe high temperature gas reactor.

On its website (, U-Battery says moving on to stage 2 of CNL’s process is a “critical milestone… as it prepares to expand its design and licensing team in readiness for the next stage of development.”

“This is an exciting time for U-Battery as we are now a step closer to establishing a first-of-a-kind SMR at the Chalk River research facility,” said general manager Steve Threlfall.

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