Deep River tax rates still #1

There’s good news and there’s bad news when it comes to Deep River tax rates this year.

The bad news is, the town’s tax rate is still the highest in the county.

The good news is, this year’s increase was second lowest in the county, above only Head, Clara & Maria.

The County of Renfrew has released its annual survey of municipal tax rates among its 17 member municipalities.

The rates are taken from the Ontario Property Tax Analysis (OPTA) website, the same one municipalities across the province use for tax billing and capping calculations.

The tax table shows tax rates among the county’s municipalities but not average tax bills, which vary according to both tax rate and property assessment.

However, the tax table does provide a way to compare what residents pay for similar properties.

(The table includes only the 17 municipalities that make up Renfrew County, not including the city of Pembroke.)

All residential ratepayers in the county paid a baseline tax rate this year of $170 per $100,000 of assessment for education purposes, and a further $362 for the county administration, which includes services like ambulance, long-term care, county roads and social assistance.

When it comes to individual municipalities, however, rates vary widely.

Deep River topped this year’s list with a tax rate of $983.14 per $100,000 of assessment.

The town of Renfrew, which was slightly ahead of Deep River in 2013 and 2014, was second with a rate of $939.61, while Arnprior was third at $845.16.

Laurentian Hills was fourth overall in the county with a tax rate of $742.02 per $100,000 of assessment, while Bonnechere Valley (Eganville and area) was fifth at $675.12.

At the bottom end of the scale, the townships of Head, Clara & Maria once again had the lowest municipal tax rate in the county at $247.86 per $100,000 of assessment.

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