County declares housing and homelessness “crisis”


The mayors and reeves of Renfrew County are urging the federal and provincial governments to step up to the plate in providing funding to remedy what they say is a housing and homelessness “crisis” in Ontario.

County council passed a resolution to that effect recently, saying rural areas like Renfrew County are “not immune to experiencing the effects of the housing and homelessness crisis undermining a healthy and prosperous Ontario.”

More than just a question of a roof over residents’ heads, the county says the province must recognize that “homelessness and housing affordability in Ontario is a social, economic, and health crisis” that requires a range of solutions, including social supports, housing investments and the renewal of existing community housing infrastructure.

The crisis, county council states in its resolution, is a result of “limited action from successive provincial governments who haven’t invested nearly enough to renew and build the housing and infrastructure and programs required to service those in need.”

The burden of resolving the crisis, the county says, should not fall on the shoulders of local governments…

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