Council splits over financial statements

by Vance Gutzman

Reviewing the town’s audited financial statements is usually pretty dry.

Not in Deep River. Not this year.

Deep River council finally got a look at its 2017 consolidated financial statements last week, albeit a few months later than normal and with much acrimony around the table.

The municipality typically receives its consolidated financial statements in May or June of each year, and Dean-Sinclair Chartered Accountants had them prepared by that timeline again this year.

The chairman of council’s audit committee, however, Councillor Ron Desrochers, had not called a meeting to go over them, and at a special council meeting last Thursday night, he called for them to be removed from the agenda.

“It’s under the responsibility of the audit committee,” Desrochers said.

But Councillor Megan Aikens said last week’s special council meeting was made necessary by Desrochers’ refusal to call a meeting of the audit committee in the first place.

“There have been repeated requests for that (audit committee) meeting to be held, and the chair has refused to hold that meeting,” she said.

“We’ve had these (statements) for two months. If the chair refuses to hold a meeting, there was no other option but for us to gather here this evening to go over financial documents that have been on the town’s website for over a month.”

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