Council members face new code complaint

by Vance Gutzman

Here we go again.

Larry Dumoulin has launched another code of conduct complaint with Deep River’s integrity commissioner.

The town’s acting integrity commissioner, Lorne Sossin, cleared Councillor Jason McAuley, Mayor Joan Lougheed and other members of council last month from allegations filed by Dumoulin that they violated the town’s code of conduct.

Dumoulin’s latest complaint stems from comments made by members of town council following the release of Sossin’s report and discussion of it at the council table in May.

Reeve Glenn Doncaster, at the May meeting, called on Dumoulin to issue a public apology, while McAuley threatened to slap Dumoulin with a lawsuit for defamation of character if an apology was not forthcoming.

“He slandered myself. Slandered my family. Ruined friendships,” McAuley said in part.

In his latest code of conduct complaint, Dumoulin alleges the comments made by both Doncaster and McAuley violated two sections of the town’s code of conduct dealing with interpersonal behaviour, which state that council members should “treat every person with dignity, understanding and respect,” and “do not engage in violence or harassment of any kind.”

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