Council members demand apology

by Vance Gutzman

The man who brought allegations of misconduct against Deep River council members is now facing legal recriminations himself.

As reported in last week’s NRT, the town’s acting integrity commissioner has cleared Councillor Jason McAuley, Mayor Joan Lougheed and other members of council from allegations filed by Larry Dumoulin that they violated the town’s code of conduct.

Dumoulin had singled out McAuley in particular when he filed his complaints last year, alleging that the councillor’s employment at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), coupled with his position as a volunteer firefighter in Laurentian Hills, put him in a conflict of interest with respect to the fire services agreement between the town and CNL.

Dumoulin’s complaints against the mayor and the other members of council stemmed from their alleged inaction in not reporting McAuley’s alleged conflict of interest.

“I find that Councillor McAuley, Mayor Lougheed and the other councillors involved in allegations by the complainant did not violate the code of conduct,” acting integrity commissioner Lorne Sossin stated in his report on the matter.

Sossin’s report was subsequently discussed in closed session at last week’s council meeting, and when the meeting went into open session Reeve Glenn Doncaster led the charge in calling for an apology from Dumoulin in light of Sossin’s ruling.

“It’s pretty clear the complainant was absolutely wrong,” Doncaster said, with Dumoulin sitting in the public gallery.

“I believe Mr. Dumoulin owes this council an apology for wasting all of our time and taxpayers’ money.”

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