Company takes next step towards “micro” reactor at Chalk River

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by Terry Myers

It’s another step forward towards the construction of the first “next generation” small reactor at the Chalk River labs.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency issued a notice Monday announcing the launch of of public comments on a proposed “micro modular reactor” to be built at Chalk River by Global First Power (GFP).

GFP filed an application with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission earlier this spring. The company has now provided a full project description.

“The proposed project involves the site preparation, construction, operation, and decommissioning of a single small modular reactor (at Chalk River), using Micro Modular Reactor (MMR) technology,” the notice states.

“The proposed project includes a nuclear plant, which would contain a MMR High Temperature Gas- cooled Reactor that would provide process heat to an adjacent plant, via molten salt.

“The MMR would produce approximately 15 Megawatt (thermal) of process heat to generate electrical power and/or heat, over an operating life-span of 20 years.”

Further hearings and public comments will be invited after GFP issues an “Environmental Impact Statement” (EIS).

The announcement is another small step forward towards the construction of the first small modular reactor (SMR) at Chalk River, one of the goals identified in Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ long-term plan for the site.

“While this announcement reflects an important milestone for the project proponent, Global First Power, this should not be interpreted as project approval; regulatory oversight including public consultation, rigorous environmental study and stringent evaluations will continue throughout the Environmental Assessment process,” CNL said in a statement.

“This work is aligned with CNL’s strategic initiative in small modular reactors and our vision to establish CNL as a global hub for the development of SMR technology.”

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