Committee continues work on 2019 budget

by Vance Gutzman

Deep River’s 2019 budget process remains a work in progress, following deliberations last week by town council’s finance and administration committee.

As previously reported, the first draft of the budget, presented to council in December, contained a 5.2 per cent increase in the town’s property tax levy.

Council then directed staff to refine the budget with a view to making that increase consistent with the consumer price index of 2.5 per cent.

The town’s treasurer presented a revised version of the budget to the finance and administration committee last week, with the original increase pared down to 3.23 per cent.

The finance and administration committee is comprised of Mayor Sue D’Eon and Councillors Christina Giardini-Rochon and Terry Myers, with the latter re-elected as its chairman.

The committee went through the budget in great detail, with a view to lowering the levy increase down to 2.5 per cent.

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