CNL launches new welcome program

by Vance Gutzman

The research and development organization at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) played host to a special kind of reception last week.

Held at the JL Gray Centre in Deep River, the event launched an initiative aimed at supporting the partners and spouses of CNL employees who are settling into their new lives here in the Ottawa Valley.

The initiative offers support ranging from identifying employment opportunities to accessing services and information.

The reception was attended not only by CNL employees and their significant others but also by stakeholders within the leadership team at CNL, municipal officials, local employers and support services, and real estate agents Kevin Hickey and Brad Chubbs, experts in the local housing market.

Dr. Kathy McCarthy, vice-president of research and development at CNL, was excited to see so many people in attendance at the event.

McCarthy noted that CNL is attracting people from all over the world to come and work here, and those people need to know where to go in terms of accessing services like driver’s licences and other necessities.

“We want to make all these new people feel comfortable,” she said.

“I was new to the area and I had to learn some things here by myself.”

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