CNL extends “reduced operations” to May


Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has announced that it will extend its period of “reduced operations” until at least May.

In a statement Wednesday morning, CNL said that “following a review of the current COVID-19 pandemic conditions, as well as CNL’s operational needs at all locations,” the company is extending the current period of reduced operations up to May 4.

“All current remote work and administrative leave arrangements will remain in place.

“‘Reduced operations’ refers to the work necessary to keep our sites and assets safe, compliant with regulations, and deliver mission critical tasks. This includes work which can be carried out remotely such as working from home.”

CNL said the decision is a “precautionary measure” only.

“We have not been informed of confirmed or presumptive cases of COVID-19 at any CNL site.”

“CNL will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation through its Crisis Management Team, and should the environment change in this period, and it is safe to do so, CNL will resume routine operations,” the company added.

“As a matter of personal and public safety, all staff are asked to continue to comply with the related directives including social distancing, self-monitoring, frequent hand washing, and other directives as they evolve, monitor the government of Canada guidance related to COVID-19, keep in regular contact with their managers, and continue to monitor CNL’s communications channels.”

CNL first announced the move to “reduced operations” on March 17. The company said it would reduce operations at all of its sites beginning at the close of business Wednesday, March 18 and continuing until Monday, April 6.

CNL said the move was “in alignment with actions recommended by the Canadian government and public health authorities.”

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