CNL expects hearings "late 2019"

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories says it will be more than a year before it expects hearings will be held on two major decommissioning projects in this area.

In the August issue of “Contact,” CNL’s local community bulletin, the company says it expects it will be “late 2019” before hearings will be held on the proposed Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF) at the Chalk River labs and the NPD closure project at Rolphton.

CNL has submitted draft Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for both projects and is currently working on responses to hundreds of comments and requests for information from government agencies and other intervenors.

In “Contact,” CNL says it is making “steady progress” on both projects and that the “extended process is not unusual” for the proposed work.

CNL says it expects to submit a final EIS for NPD “this winter” and for the NSDF “by the summer of 2019.”

After those submissions, CNL says it expects the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will schedule public hearings “later in 2019.”

“The adjusted timelines and added inputs for both projects will allow CNL – with oversight from the CNSC – to ensure that we deliver the best possible solutions to protect the environment and people.

“We are committed to engaging with our communities, and encourage you to visit our websites and social media accounts for ongoing updates,” the company said.

Both the NSDF and the NPD closure project have attracted major media interest as critics warn that they pose long-term risks to the Ottawa River.

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